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To reach the South African Jewish community Soul Sport is the very best medium


Shaun Tomson

Soul Sport Magazine delves beneath the surface, into what really makes sports people do what they do.Open it up and feel the passion, power and purpose that are on vivid display.


Ilana Kloss

Soul Sport delivers with quality, depth and substance. It encourages the pursuit of excellence in sport and life. I delight in the platform it offers Jewish women in sport.

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Dean Furman

Soul Sport is the first and only place to go for the latest in Jewish sport in South Africa and the world.

Soul Sport is the best place to get the best insights into the person behind the athlete.

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Richard Sutton

Soul Sport is an outstanding read. It promotes healthy lifestyle and motivates in the pursuit of excellence.

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50 years since the 05 September 1972 The Munich Massacre - Click above to read Soul Sport feature of Ankie Spitzer's 44 year fight to get recognition for the Munich atrocity and it's fallen Jews.   

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