Soul Sport

Soul Sport is the only Jewish sports health and lifestyle  magazine on the globe. Soul Sport is published bi-annually since 2013 when it began. It has become the leading Jewish community magazine in South Africa. featuring sport, health and lifestyle with imagination, depth, substance and aesthetic quality. The magazine is published in Johannesburg, South Africa, where the Soul Sport office is located. 


Soul Sport has covered features and exclusive interviews with World Champions, athletes, business leaders, health experts, community activists, doctors and psychologists amongst other. 


With each edition the popularity of Soul sport continues to grow and solidify it's reputation as a world class publication.

Welcome to Soul Sport!

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The Publisher



Welcome to Soul Sport!


My passion has always been in education and sport. Soul Sport is my vision of a fusion of these two.

Having grown up as the son of one of arguably South Africa's most recognised and outstanding soccer players, Jorge Santoro Herrmann, sport has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. I spent much of my childhood kicking a soccer ball and dreamed of what so many others do - a career in pro-sports. Having taken a decided turn into education, the pro-sports career did not materialise, despite a very satisfying many years at high-level competition. So Soul Sport is essentially a natural outcome of my passions. 


Soul Sport is the only magazine of it's kind anywhere in the world. Our incredible Soul Sport journalists, produce meaningful content articles packed with insight, vision and inspiration that are always well researched and carefully delivered.


Jewish sports around the world continues to be something that is celebrated as part of our peoples pride and success. We look forward to continue to bring the unique Soul Sport formula to our readers across the globe. 

Here I am in one of my favourite pics together with Springbok Legend Syd Nomis.


Best wishes,


Ilan Daniel Herrmann